Monday, May 4, 2009


The latest new craze in the work out world seems to be p90x. I know several people that have tried it, and some seem to be getting some good results. I thought all the whining and complaining about it being tough must be overrated. However, a guy I work with burned me a copy. I've been working out for years, so I thought I should be able to do it pretty easily - wrong.

I tried something called core synthetics for the first day. This was on the "lean" program. It was basically an hour of exercises that work every muscle while engaging your core. I was drenched in sweat after 15 minutes. I was soar the entire next day. I haven't been following the program 100 percent but I've been doing the workouts about 3 times a week. After the arms video the following day I could barely lift my arm. The legs video was slightly less painful.

Jen has stuck with it more than me. She said the yoga was pretty cruel. The worse thing I've found is something the called the abripper. It's 15 minutes of hard core abdominal work. I can definitely see why this workout plan gets you in shape but its pretty tough.

In the event I become sculpted like an Adonis like the people in the photos I will post pics. I don't think that will happen though.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Last weekend Jen and I headed home for Easter weekend. We had a great time. Saturday I went golfing with Scott and Dusty. It was fun, despite the weather man totally missing the forecast.

Sunday Jen and I went to church with my parents. Then we did some family events. One cool thing we did was went to Barry Litton's farm and saw his miniature horses. Barry Litton is the owner of a local Knoxville restaurant. Jen's uncle is friends with him and took us up there. The mini horses and mini donkeys were pretty neat. They were kind of like big dogs.

We also had an Easter egg hunt for Taylor. We put treats in eggs and let her find them in the back yard. She had a great time. It was pretty entertaining to watch her sniff out the eggs.

One thing I noticed more this Easter than any other were the amount of people I know excited about their church services. It appears to me that Easter Sunday has become the "superbowl" of church service Sundays. It makes since that this would happen. Easter is the one day a year most people attend church. Therefore, you must pull out all the stops to hopefully pull in people that wouldn't normally attend in. Almost everyone I know that works or is associated with church was excited about the plannings of their Sunday morning. My church in Knoxville had a great service lined up as well. The music was great, and their were some surprises as well. I think it's good that churches go the extra mile on Easter to encompass more people.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

If you care, here is the latest

So, I've been pretty lazy and haven't updated this thing lately. I don't have any stories to speak of, so I'm just going to run down some of my most recent happenings.

- Joined twitter - not sure what I think about it

- Saw Marley and Me - cried like a baby

- Got a new tennis racket. It hits awesome.

- Had my review at work - went well, job seems safe, bills will be paid another month.

- Made a customer really mad at work. Inadvertently got in the middle of a "domestic" dispute

- Started tracking my calorie intake on - Really like it

- Booked our Caribbean cruise vacation - only have to wait 4 1/2 more months to go.

- started spring tennis league - first match on Thursday

- Got three new fish. Named them Elvis, Sonny, and Lulu

- Tried out Presbyterian church. Preacher was boring, and apparently on twitter.

- Jen got in to Pharmacy School Honor Society. Big accomplishment. The narcoleptic professor who talked like Napoleon Dynamite that led the ceremony was hilarious. He fell asleep three times.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

March Madness

I filled out a bracket and got in a pool with some work people this year. After the first round I was 27-5, the best I've done in a while. Here are the highlights of my pics.

Elite 8
Duke North Carolina

Final Four



We'll see how this pans out.

Monday, March 9, 2009

This stuff never happens to me

Saturday morning I got up and ran a 5k. I didn't place in my age group, but I did run a minute and a half faster than last year. I was pretty excited about that. My day just got better from there.

Saturday afternoon there was some craft show downtown in Birmingham. It was at a place called the BJCC. Also going on this weekend at the BJCC was the Davis Cup. For those of you who aren't tennis fans that is a team tennis tournament.

I originally wanted to get tickets to the Davis Cup but it was sold out minutes after the tickets went on sale. So we are downtown walking to the craft show when some guy asks us if we need tickets to the Davis Cup. He said it was $20 for the pair. I originally tell him nah, but then turn around to ask him who is playing. he tells me it's just the doubles. He then says, if you want the tickets you can just have them. I thought he was joking until he insisted I take them and told us to have a good time. So we got in and the seats were great. We had a great view of everything.

It was a blast. I have never been to a sporting event wher eyou cheer for your country. People were excited about tennis, there were cheerleaders, music in between games, chanting - it was awesome. The US won there match Saturday and beat Switzerland overall for the weekend.

Monday, February 23, 2009

computer troubles

For the second time this year the ac adapter to my Dell computer has shorted out. In the past year this makes the third AC adapter I will have used and I'm on the computer's second battery. The fist battery died out after a couple years, but I didn't replace it for a long time after that.

I have had several problems out of my Dell computers. It's pretty irritating that they consistently provide bad service and faulty parts. Kendall recently bought a Dell computer that had problems after two months and they would not do an on site visit to fix it. I guess as long as we're buying they aren't going to change anything.

While at work on Saturday I had a computer repairman sit at my desk. In casual conversation I asked him if he thought one particular brand of computer was worse than others. I expected he would confirm my suspicions about Dell. Insteak I got a 40 minute dissertation on the computer market, price ranges, and life expectancy. He proceeded to draw me a graph and diagram with a bell curve of computers. All the while people that had legitimate banking needs sat in the lobby. I felt like a tool talking to this nerd who too my question way to seriously.

Anyways, I'm blogging on Jen's hp laptop today. It's a good computer, but the battery is dead on it as well and won't hold a charge.

That's my rant for the day.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Signs I might be getting old

I've been thinking about getting older some lately. The signs keep becoming more and more apparent. I am getting old. I will list the signs that have lead me to arrive at this conclusion.

I spend most weekends dog cussing my neighbors for throwing loud parties.

It's usually 12am when I start getting irritated because I'm in bed. I think I can count the number of times I went to bed before 12 in college on two hands.

I find that I am very comfortable talking and making friends with 30 year old people.

My hair line is not what it used to be.

I have a friend that has a one year old child.

In college I thought I would never want to have a 9-5 job. I now find myself incredibly irritated at staying at work past 5.

I college I didn't care about making money, I just wanted to make a difference.

I'm currently looking at grad school vs career options that would maximize my annual income.

My biggest worries used to be making decent grades and having plans on the weekend.

Now my worries include bills, my credit score, my future, saving money, providing for my wife, feeding my animals, the safety and security of the banking industry, among many more.

I opened a checking account for a college student that was born in 1990.

I'm sure there is more than I have listed, but that is all I got for today.